America’s Homefront!

The 75th anniversary of WWII brings us back from OVER THERE!!

And we won’t stop fighting til it’s over, over there! Remember the iconic song? Patriotism is at an all -time high for the Unites States of America! And what a better way to celebrate our patriotism than with a salute to our Stars and Stripes, and those who lived and died to keep us free via this new NE Ohio adventure!

Celebrate the anniversary with a visit to the last Salvation Army Canteen from WWII in the quaint village of Dennison, Ohio! Learn how this village earned the name Dreamsville USA from over one million servicemen who passed through on their way to war. Glenn Miller even wrote a song about it! Visit the canteen museum at the actual depot and go back in time to when the soldiers received sandwiches, treats, and a hug before going off to serve. Visit restored rail cars filled with WWII era and local memorabilia. Truly educational and inspirational!

Visit Main Street USA in Newcomerstown for a unique step back in time to WWII! Visit the display set up as a main street in any small US town, greeted by shopkeepers who will let you know how their town is faring during wartime. Enjoy a delicious lunch, along with and energetic and nostalgic performance by the Varsity Singers (available only certain days of the week and evenings) then thrill to the Salute to Old Glory Flag show by Vane Scott II. Vane will delight you with the history of our flag set to patriotic music. So entertaining and moving! Enjoy time to visit the Cy Young and Woody Hayes exhibits along with many other interesting memorabilia from the era!

Enjoy a delicious dinner or lunch tour at the MAPS Museum at the Akron Canton Regional Airport. Truly one of the most unique and

amazing experiences featuring restored aircraft guided by the men who are helping to restore these amazing flying machines! See a replica MASH unit, enjoy the Gallery of Heroes featuring a piece of the USS Arizona along with a special characterized visit by General Eisenhower to take you through the secret operation leading up to D-day, a performance you will never forget!

Visit the McKinley Museum and Presidential Library in Canton, along with the National First Ladies Museum, the only museum of its kind to focus on our nations First Ladies! Pay your respects to our 25th President at the Monument, the largest Presidential Tomb in the US! Enjoy Canton Classic Car Museum showcasing a local private collection of vintage automobiles, and also houses tons of memorabilia featuring vintage toys, signs, and so much more!

Combine with other fabulous historical attractions such as the Moravian Village of Schoenbrunn, Ohio’s first settlement, church, and organized school, Trumpet in the Land Outdoor Drama (June-August), Warther Museum in Dover showcasing the famous Steam Engine Carvings by the World’s Master Carver, Mooney Warther. Mooney also made commando knives for our local boys during the war, and many are on display! Tour one of the few actual working railroad roundhouses at the Age of Steam in Sugarcreek, and more!

We can design one day or multiday adventures depending on the events you want to include.

We have great hoteliers conveniently located near these awesome attractions that feature complimentary breakfast and luggage handling!

To customize your own America’s Homefront Adventure, please contact Carol Glessner, Country Coach Adventures 330-418-9848 email